Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can I have your opinion?

As mentioned in my last post, I went to Birds Hill Provincial Park last Friday to do research for a journalism story and a travel ad. I'm just wondering if anyone of your out there have an opinion on this ad? Does the copy work for you? Is it too cheesy? Does the layout make you squint or is it not a problem to read. Also, a warning, this is NOT an official ad for Birds Hill Provincial Park or approved by the government. As I've mentioned before I'm totally loving working and playing around InDesign. Also, thank you so much to Alex R. for being my gorgeous model and letting me user her fancy camera to take the shot :) The font looks a little scratchy because I'm not sure what kind of files can uploaded to this kind of blog, while keeping the image crisp. Click on the picture to make it bigger for better visibility :)


  1. Perhaps I'm a tad bias, but I really like it. The font is a bit hard to read but I like the finger tips line in the body copy and the colour of the headline!

    Well Done!

  2. Hey Krys! wow, I just happened to find this, haven't talked/ seen you in awhile. However for critique/ feeback on your Ad... I lovvee the picture of the girl even those little dots from the sun adds a little something.. But, the right side mostly on the top/bottom right.. where the snow is/ sun is... it's a bit bright which makes it a tad bit hard on the eyes... which in my opinion takes a bit away from written txt/ the girl. Also, love the purple colour/ font you chose for the header.. maybe it would look a bit better if it were to be bold a bit more?.. also the white text I can't read at all... hard on the eyes... but other wise GREAT ADD! GREAT PICTURE! and keep going girl:D! Julester aka- keener:)