Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is Journalism?

I'm not sure if I know a complete definition of what journalism is. I think there are a lot of different interpretations of what journalism is.

I do know that I think journalism should do certain things though. I think that journalism should aim to tell a story without bias and disseminate information in a timely clear way. Although some bias is almost impossible to avoid, I think the intent of the journalist should be pure to telling the story truthfully.

I also think journalism is the place to bring stories that people may not know about to the forefront of peoples' minds. Movies and books often tell stories that have been heard before, but journalism tells true stories that may have never been heard.

Along the same lines as unveiling the unknown story, I believe journalism exists to inform people. Journalism can inform people on the smallest scale like the weather to informing that a war has been started or ended.

I think that journalism also has the privilege of being a form of communication that is allowed to inform and delight at the same time. Documentaries are excellent examples of what I think is journalism that entertains, delights, and informs. I think broadcast journalism as a whole is able to visually stimulate, while getting a message or important information across to an audience.

I think journalism is a tough business. A journalist is under tight deadlines, with sometime short resources or sources, but with the obligation to inform an audience with the truth.

I think journalism is kind of frightening, but I hope I can take the next year to gain and hone the skills to be a journalist who can inform, tell the truth, and entertain. I mean if my story can't engage my audience, how can I get the story they should be aware of to them?

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