Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keeping it Interesting

I feel like a lot of sports journalists get flak. They get flak from the players when they ask questions. They get flak for the kind of questions they ask from the fans. I can just see the look on player's faces as a microphone or recorder is stuck in their face. They just want to work hard and earn millions of dollars

But I as a journalist in training, I feel for the sports j people. I can see how games can get monotonous. That's why the reporters ask crazy questions because how many questions can you ask about a goal or even worse another loss. Even though I know a lot of people who want to work in sports journalism, it seems like a thankless job.

That's why I think there's a real art to sports journalism. Game after similar game, journalists have to come up with a new and interesting way to tell a story about the game. I think sports journalism takes a person who is passionate and looks at telling stories through sports, not just reporting on the game.

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  1. "Not just reporting on the game:" Exactly.
    See my skeptical blog post about sports journalism