Sunday, October 24, 2010

Am I Annoying You?

So today after my hockey game I was talking to my significant other on the phone and he said:

"Do you think we could talk one time without out talking about school?" he gently requested.

Now, don't take this quote completely out of context. My significant other has been encouraging, completely supportive, and has listened to me talk non-stop about school since I've started. CreComm has been new and exciting experience for me, and since I'm so excited about it, I guess I have talked a lot about it.

Has anyone else gotten this kind of comment from friends, family, etc?

Should I get some new things in my life other than school-related things? However, I feel like taking anything more on (I feel like I have quite a few things on my plate now) would be a bit hard with this intense program added to the fact that I learned a huge kick-in-the-bum lesson to manage my time better regarding school recently. I'm so confused.


  1. I know what you are saying. I feel as though I can see it happening, and I can feel it happening, even though I thought for sure I would be the one person who could resist it.
    We are those CreComm people can that can only think and talk anout J, PR, Ad, group projects and auto-fails.
    And yes, if I wasn't a part of that, I would think we were annoying too.

    Props to your man for making it this far without asking you to cut it out.

  2. actually i've been meaning to talk to you about this Krystalle. You have been seeming a little 2-dimensional lately, what with ONLY the full-time college program, coaching hockey and some other jobs, having a radio show, contributing to every Projector issue, and who knows what else. Oh, maybe trying to fit a social life in there somewhere? Gosh, stop being so inconsiderate and selfish- be more interesting!!!!

  3. I try not to really talk about school to friends or family because I don't want to bore them... but then they pop the question, "how's school?" that's where I go on and on! Hahaha... but no one has told me yet not to talk about it. My response would be: "If you don't wanna hear it don't ask!" lol

    ps - andrew forgot to mention that you're also a class rep! lol

  4. Okay okay, how am I going to fit my head through the door to run up and hand my assignment in at 7:56am? Thanks guys, you are absolute sweethearts. Thank you for making me smile at 2:30 am while still doing school work. :)

  5. Krystalle, just let me say now, you are one, out of many people in my travels, that I remember and remember with so much warmth and connection. I'm so glad we became friends. Thank you for the photos and the fun we had laughing at the strangest come-on line I've heard to-date. LOL.

    Now to your rambling mind and emotions... have to say, ALL of your friends are correct! He should listen, and it sounds as if he does. But, I know how I get with a project, an assignment, an education, or vacation... anything I am thoroughly passionate about does lead to redundancy when I share it with the one or two constant people in my life. Let him off the hook and talk to classmates, friends who need, like you, to filter through it all, to repeat it and replay the daily events. Keep going girl; he will stay or he will go, but do what you love and roll it through your mind as much as you need. If he is a permanent in your life, you will spare him the details and he will ask about them politely.

    Can't wait to meet again.