Friday, October 1, 2010

First Time

This week I was on the radio for the first time ever!

Wednesday morning, I joined Mike T. and John Chapman, on the Chapman, Mike. T and Krystalle show. (My name is pronounced KrystaLEE so it rhymes).

My overall experience was that it was so much fun! I am ecstatic that our school provides us with the opportunity to practice our broadcasting skills at a real live and operating radio station. I prepared the night before and on the bus (using my trusty news app) on the way to school by researching recent news stories, or anything interesting happening in the world. I jotted down the lead or the gist of the story and when we went on air I introduced the story and then conversation rolled out of it. Even though I had to get up at 5:20am, I laughed a lot, and because I was so energized from the broadcast, I wasn’t even tired for the rest of the day.

The best part of the experience was that people actually listened and commented. It was really encouraging to hear that people actually listened for one, but two also enjoyed it. I did get a couple of pieces of constructive criticism as well. I though this as well when I was doing the broadcast, but I need to be careful that what I’m saying is meaningful, no ums and ahhs, and to not to talk over people or interject too much. I can understand that those kinds of things aren’t necessarily kind to the listeners’ ears.

Champan, Mike T. and Krystalle will be on every Wednesday morning 7-9am. I hope you all will listen (if you’re up at that crazy time), call in, and do not afraid to give me feedback, I’d love it actually.


  1. "Wednesday morning 7-9am. ... that crazy time."
    Surely all CreComms are up at that crazy time!

  2. 5:30 Am every morning Duncan!

    Krystalle did you ever find out if they are going to start posting your archives? It would be neat to listen to an entire show rather than tune in at eight when I break across the perimeter :p