Friday, April 8, 2011

This Makes Me Happy

So this week was stressful as any other in CreComm, but a wonderful customer service experience actually made my week better.

So this winter, I finally decided to buck up and buy a suitable winter jacket for winter in Winnipeg. I ended up buying a North Face jacket from Urban Trail.

Sadly, the zipper broke in the last couple weeks of the winter season. Thankfully, North Face has a lifetime guarantee on most of their items, which I think is good because their products are definitely on the higher end of the price scale.

I was able to take my jacket to the place where I bought my jacket, Urban Trail, and they sent my jacket off to North Face for me, free of charge, and called me when it came in fixed and ready to go. This was much more simple than having to send my jacket at my own cost to North Face.

This partnership between the store and the company and the coming through on a guarantee made me feel like I received what I paid for in the beginning, the product and the lifetime guarantee with very little hassle. Often, it is hard to redeem guarantees or rebates with companies.

This reminds me of what we've been discussing in PR class lately. Be good to your customers, and they will tell people! Don't promise things you can't deliver and when you do promise something, stick to your word. The simplest actions an organization can take can make such an impact on the customer. Thanks North Face!


  1. Smart!
    What a nice story. You have to show me your new jacket.

  2. That's like MEC. I brought back a Leatherman multi-tool that I had broken, and bought four years prior, and pretty much rusted to all hell. They replaced on the spot it free of charge!