Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whoa we're almost done! plus University vs. College

I can't believe it, and I'm sure many of my fellow CreCommers can't either. There's only about a week left in school! Through group projects, numerous proposals, and weekends working on InDesign at the college I thought I'd never make it, but here we are. Time really flies when you have multiple deadlines to meet almost everyday. So I'm going to try and not make this too much of a CreComm gushfest and focus this blog post a little more. I'd like to comapare my experiences of university and college at the end of my first year of college in a 2-year program. I'd like to preface this by saying these are my own experiences in specific programs, so this might not be everyone's opinion. Okay, here we go:

University vs. College on:

I feel like I've made a lot more friends in college. I believe this is because I'm part of a smaller group of people. If I wasn't in the large Arts faculty in university, I probably would have made more friends like my friend who was in nursing.

I was able to sleep a lot more in university because I could make my own schedule. I scheduled all my classes on Tuesday and Thursdays and it was fantastic! I was able to be  uber-efficient by taking more classes on two days instead of spead out over five.

In university I was able to work a lot more. Since I was able to schedule my classes on only two days a week, I had three full days to work during the day. I was also able to run errands during the day because I had daytime off.

Although I learned a ton in university, which has helped me in my current educational endeavour, I feel that I've learned a lot more applicable "hands on" skills. And I don't mean I'm building or physically fixing things, but I'm now able to say that I can write a news release, an article and proposal opposed to just knowing how to write an essay.

I feel a lot closer to my instructors in college. There are small classrooms, I see my instuctors often, and they even know my name :) Only in higher level courses and smaller classrooms in university was I able to have the same type of relationships with my professors as I do in college.

There are pros and cons to any learning environment, and although I feel like I've been in school forever, I'm really glad that my parents have given me the opportunity to live at home and experience both.


  1. nice! well thought out, you've definitely hit on some good points here

  2. Very interesting. As a nursing student at the U. of Mb. I've always wondered if I would have been better going into the Red River Program. Now I'm thinking it may have been more my speed. Great post! And good luck with CreComm...I need to research this more, it sounds fascinating.