Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Something I Never Expected

To me, being a journalist is an awesome profession, which is pretty obvious since I'm studying it in school. Eventually, as a journalist you can cover big stories that everyone is talking about. This is what originally drew me to journalism: to be able to talk about the things that everyone is talking about...first. 

However, what I've learned this year is that I love the local stories too. The kind of stories that people don't know about that are happening right in their own community. I have learned this by working as a community journalist, a project we're doing through school with Canstar. I have loved getting to know what's going on in my community and telling everyone else about it through writing articles. Sure, it can be hard coming up with original story ideas and difficult to find sources, but once you have, it is so rewarding. 

This is also why I'm so excited to go on work placement. I think, it's not completely confirmed yet, that I am going to an organization that is all about local stories. I love local stories because they aren't covered because the people are famous. The stories are covered because what the people have done is truly interesting. To me, a good story is good because people want to hear about it because of what has happened, not because the person involved is a movie star.

Sure, I would love to be Anderson Cooper one day, covering everything big going on in the world, but I also realize that covering local stories that matter to people in my community that I live in is pretty rewarding too. 

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